Quantified Path

Your Growth Marketing Machine

No fancy deliverables, no black hat shit, no low quality traffic. We only deliver results for your business goals that you can measure.

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Focus on the growth your company needs with measurable ROI

Growth starts by determining the best metrics to impact that will be meaningful to your business. Unlike other agencies we will never focus on vanity metrics that are easily manipulated.

Together, we’ll build a roadmap for testing channels and tactics that you agree are appropriate for your business, audience and value propositon.

Teams are formed based on expertise you need, not the expertise we happen to have available. This is only possible through our vast network of trusted professionals.


Using a combination of tactics and channels that work in concert, we drive leads to the top of your funnel when the time is right. All our acquisition gameplans are mapped out using a deliberate blend of earned, paid and owned channels custom tailored to your exact audience.

  • Content Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • SEM
  • Community Building
  • Influencer Marketing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Data Product Launch Campaigns
  • SEO
  • Email List Building

Funnel activation - If they nibble it doesn't mean they're hooked. We turn your visitors into users so that they take actions on your site - not just any actions but the ones that are in line with your objectives. We're laser-focused on getting your audience to your Magic Moment as fast as possible by demonstrating value to your users and eliminating friction.

  • Onboarding Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Cart Abandonment Triggers
  • Persona Validation
  • New User Journey Analysis
  • Lead Nurturing

Acquisition and activation are meaningless if you don't have retention. Retention strategies are focused on increasing your Lifetime Value, decreasing churn, and defining your brand champions. We're meticulous about understanding your core users and identifying all the stages of your customer journey. By using data to characterizing your activated users, we can figure out how to move more of your customers into the champion bucket.

  • Cohort Analysis
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Resurrect churned users
  • Push Notification Strategies
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Interviews
  • CRM Tool Implementation

Typically revenue trumps most metrics and it’s our starting point. The previous parts of the funnel are meant to examine the journey that a customer needs to complete before they can give your company dollar bills ya’ll. Getting customers to open wallets can be difficult on the web without real visibility into how customers behave. Sometimes this means altering the product, changing the pricing, or testing the way the product is offered. We run experiments to prove what the most successful revenue model would be for a particular audience.

  • Product Add-on & Product Bundles
  • Pricing Experiments
  • Operations audits
  • Supply chain process audits
  • Promotion & offer testing
  • Value and currency analysis

Shareability means different things for different products. But whether you’re trying to improve your Referral metric for a iOS game or a B2B SaaS app, a simple rule applies: people won’t share unless you give them the tools and a compelling reason. We'll work with you to set up a referral program that excites your customers and incentivizes them to participate.

  • Tell A Friend
  • Drop A Hint
  • Share on Social Media
  • Personalized Referral Links
  • Referral Rewards Programs
  • Double-sided Incentivized Referrals


Eric Manstof

Partner | Demand Generation Manager

Designs, executes and optimizes scalable demand gen programs across multiple channels including email outreach and nurturing, paid search, and retargeting for B2B lead generation and B2c customer acquisition.

Catherine Trainor

Partner | Organic Marketing Specialist

Storyteller, content generator, social media engagement manager. Skilled at online and offline community building and nurturing.

Allen Hinkleman

Partner | Technical Growth Marketer

Full-stack marketer focusing on user acquisition, funnel analysis, and conversion rate optimization for B2C startups. Builds eCommerce businesses from the ground up using Amazon and Shopify and influencer marketing.

Lauralynn Stubler

Co-Founder / Growth Marketer

Full-stack growth marketer specializing in eCommerce and subscription services. Excels at all parts of the funnel but really geeks out on data analysis for activation, retention, and resurrection.

Jason Wong

Co-Founder / Growth Engineer

Growth engineer focused on CRO, positioning, data analysis and automation. Also does strategic consulting for B2B startups and enterprise, including mobile apps.

Michael Burkett

Co-Founder | UX for Growth

Interaction Designer, conversion rate optimization expert and retention hacker for mobile apps. Re-designed Adobe's Target and other CRO tools.

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